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Sydney Writers Festival 28 May – in conversation with Frank Moorhouse
I’ll be speaking with the infinitely amusing and talented Frank Moorhouse on the subject: ‘Is Writing Still a Way of Life?’. I say yes. To hear what Frank says, book now: Is Writing Still a Way of Life?
Also, you can still listen to my three-part radio documentary on the subject of privacy and surveillance for ABC Radio National: ‘Nothing to Hide’ here:

About me

I’m an Australian writer, the author of eleven books (seven novels and four books of non-fiction including the Quarterly Essay Found in Translation: In Praise of a Plural World). My most recent books are The Empress Lover, published in April 2014 and the non-fiction Beijing, about the city and its history, published in 2014 as well. I live in Sydney and am working on several new projects, including a new novel.

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Swap Team

Here’s a short (13 minute) and excellent podcast that Gretchen Miller, made for ABC Radio National at one of the clothing swaps I’ve hosted. People bring whatever they haven’t worn in a while, or no longer fits, or just feel like passing on to a new home. Frocks, bags, scarves, the lot. Everyone takes what they like, and whatever is left at the end of the day goes to our favourite neighbourhood charity, The Wayside Chapel, which supports the homeless and others in need in many wonderful ways. The swap allows us to step away from consumerism and still end up with an excellent wardrobe, spend a terrific afternoon with wonderful women, and have an awful lot of fun. As you will hear: Just Swap It