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'Jaivin's writing shines and burns.' (Sunday Age)

'L'écriture fout la merde à tous les niveaux... enfin et surtout à la fatuité des conversations qui feront suite à leur lecture ou à leur non-lecture.'

- Amelie Nothomb, Hygiene de l'Assasin

Linda Jaivin - Jaivin's writing shines and burns.

“Some of the scenes described actually turned me on.” Times Literary Supplement - Eat Me

The Empress Lover - out now!

I've been working on this novel for five years - it's hard to believe it's finally out. I'm very proud of this one and I hope you all enjoy it! Available in traditional paperback as well as an ebook. Check it out here: Booktopia. I'm still working out how to upload an image of the cover - please bear with me while I struggle to update this website. It shouldn't be so difficult! But I'm also mid-book tour, so if you live in Brisbane, I'm at Avid Reader tonight (8 April), and I'll be in Melbourne at Readings Carlton on the 15th, in Daylesford at the Rex Theatre on the 16th and at the Asia Bookroom on the 29th. I'll be participating in both the Sydney and Melbourne writers festivals as well so if you're anywhere in cooee and would like to say hello and get a book signed, I'd love to see you at any of these events.


Found in Translation: In Praise of a Plural World

I'm very excited by the publication of my Quarterly Essay: Found in Translation: In Praise of a Plural World. It will be available from 25 November (2013) in good bookshops around Australia but also universally as an ebook and an audiobook that I recorded myself for Black Inc and Bolinda Books: Found in Translation QE52 cover online

From Found in Translation:

"In his preface to a translation of Shakespeare published in 1865, Victor Hugo spoke of the discomposing effect that translation can have on language and culture: 'When you offer a translation to a nation, that nation will almost always look on the translation as an act of violence against itself.'" He noted: 'Bourgeois taste tends to resist the universal spirit.'"

"As for [former Australian Prime Minister] Rudd's comment at the Copenhagen summit on climate change in 2010 that the Chinese were 'trying to us,' the spokesman for China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented: 'I don't know what happened exactly at that time in that place. But I do know Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has always placed great importance on the China-Australia relationship, so I just cannot believe what is being said in those reports.' Translation: 'Rat-f..cker. We'll deal with him in private.'"

Read more: Found in Translation


Staging Asylum

There's a new anthology of plays on the subject of refugees and asylum seekers that's now out with Currency and I'm excited to say that my short play "Halal el Mashakel" is a part of it: Staging Asylum: Contemporary Australian Plays about Refugees. Check it out here: Staging Asylum

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