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Read my new essay on Australia and China in The Monthly magazine here: A New Era

Listen to my latest 4-part ABC Radio National documentary, on arts criticism.

1 The Critic is Dead, Long Live the Critic

Everyone’s a Critic

3 Small Pond

4 Criticism in Crisis

I melted down at the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles. Read all about it in the Saturday Paper.

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Linda Jaivin is an Australian writer, the author of eleven books (seven novels and four books of non-fiction including the Quarterly Essay Found in Translation: In Praise of a Plural World). Her most recent books are The Empress Lover, published in April 2014 and the non-fiction Beijing, about the city and its history, published in 2014 as well. Linda Jaivin lives in Sydney and is working on several new projects, including a new novel.

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