Some of the scenes described actually turned me on. — Times Literary Supplement

About Linda

I’m an Australian writer, the author of eleven books (seven novels and four books of non-fiction including the Quarterly Essay Found in Translation: In Praise of a Plural World). My most recent books are The Empress Lover, published in April 2014 and the non-fiction Beijing, about the city and its history, published in 2014 as well. I live in Sydney.

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Stop Press

In this free ‘Not in Print’ podcast with Toby Leon of Currency Press, I talk about the writing of my play, Halal el Mashakel, which Currency recently published in their anthology of plays about Australia’s treatment of refugees, Staging Asylum. You’ll find the podcast here: The writing of Halal el Mashakel. Staging Asylum itself is now available as an e-book, available through iTunes and Google play and on other platforms as well.

Upcoming Events

There’s always so much to look forward to at the Sydney Writers Festival. This year it’s on from 18-24 May and the program looks fantastic, from the opening address on ‘Life in the Time of Permawar’ by Mohsin Hamid on through. I’ll be appearing in a number of sessions as panelist, moderator and interlocutor, appearing alongside some fantastic writers from Australia and around the world. Details are on the website.

The Frenchman's Kiss

Taiwan, the late 1970s. There was a Frenchman. There was a kiss…


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